HELP!!!  We are still looking for the following classmates.  If you know how to contact any of them (or you see your name), please let us know.  Thanks!!!  (updated 02/13/2014)

Patrick Angelo
Stephen Byars
Matt Chaney
Melanie Cross
Damon Cryer
Linda Dent
Robert Derouen
Michelle Doyle
Jody Farque
Kyle Fields
Chris A. Fontenot
Kevin Fontenot
Marc Fruge
Jesse Glenn
Alicia Goodson
Phillip Guillory
Waylon Guillory
Debbie Hanks
Jaime Hijar
LaTanya Hilburn
Ingrid Hove
Mark Kingery
Victoria Land
Tony Launey
Marlo Mahfouz
Vince Manino
Pablo Miau
Angela Monticello
Vince Norwood
James Phillips
Keith Price
Kelly Queenan
Elisa Rasmussen
Todd Rasmussen
Donnie Siebarth
Jennifer Semien
Dawn Sizemore
Barry Soileau
Kurt Sonnier
Wendy Stephens
Michael Thompson
Scott Thompson
Gary Vincent
Steven Wood